Home loan Schemes in the Market

Buying a house is the cherished dream for every individual and most rely on their trusted banker to help out with procedures and paperwork. But are you aware of the options available with other banks and non-banking financial organisations?

Most homebuyers that opt for home loans get carried away by convincing sales talk and forget to ask relevant questions about charges, late payment penalties, flexible interest rates etc., and then end up paying more than double of the amount borrowed.

So, how do you choose the best home loan plan that suits your financial commitments even if there is a large unforeseen expense in the future?

Due to the festival season, both banks and financial institutions are offering attractive freebies to customers. Here are some of the top home loan schemes that have reasonable interest rates, limited charges, and several other benefits.

Festive offer: Zero processing fees valid till Dec 2017 for all new loans. This could help to save around Rs.10000 to Rs.12000 depending on the loan amount applied for and the duration.

The bank’s new home loan scheme offers a waiver of 12 equated monthly instalments for customers that pay regularly during the fourth, eighth and twelfth year of loan disbursal. This loan waiver will help in cutting down the tenure of home loan.


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